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How We Got Here

Our story started with a batch of raspberry jam. It was 2012 B.C.(Before Children). We picked a bunch of raspberries and made jam. But then, we tasted it, and man, oh man, we were hooked. Over the following summer, we started to experiment with fruits from local markets and orchards and peppers from our own garden.

We are Jeremy and Jackie Smith and we were both born and raised in northern Ohio. We still call it home, but now share it with our two children, Cooper and Emerson. We have a strong sense of Ohio pride and want to share what it has to offer. Our company has strong beliefs in supporting the community. The goal is to always use the freshest ingredients and support local vendors in the process. It is a tradition for our family to go out and literally pick the produce from the tree/plant/vine when available.  We process our fruits at the peak of ripeness to keep the incredible flavor packed inside.  

Jams are not just for toast or PB&J. Our products can be used in a variety of ways; try Smith Brothers Sweets Jam on everything from breakfast to dessert. Many of our jams can be used when grilling as a glaze to add a unique flavor. Our pepper jellies give a “sweet heat” that makes a great appetizer with cream cheese or a unique way to change up your cheeseburger. 

Smith Brothers Sweets is not just about jam; we also sell honey and pure Ohio maple syrup. Our bee hives and maple trees are here in Northern Ohio. The maple syrup operation spans four generations. We started by boiling the sap in a pot on our stove and now we've expanded to a wood-fired evaporator from Vermont. We are members of the Ohio Maple Producers, Ohio Proud and the Sandusky River Beekeeping Association. Thank you for trying our products. We're sure you'll love it! 

The Smith Family

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