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Have you ever noticed how WE use a lot of pronouns in OUR posts?

That's because there are so many wonderful people helping Smith Brothers Sweets in a wide variety of ways. For example, did you know that most of our social media, including this website and blog are managed by a friend...she's a pretty awesome friend!

During this "downtime" caused by the situation of the world right now, WE decided it would be a good time to share with you who "WE" are...

If you've read "Our Story", you know a little bit about how this business all got started. But, did you know that Jackie and Jeremy each work 40 hours a week in healthcare?

Jeremy has been a physical therapist for over 10 years, working in outpatient settings. Typically (when the world is not facing a pandemic), you can find him M-F at Firelands Regional Medical Center's Bone Creek Dr. clinic in Sandusky. When he's not working, he's usually tinkering with, remodeling or building something around the house or working on the "next best thing" in the world of maple syrup or bees. He's always looking to educate, enlighten and expand!

Jackie also recently started working at Firelands, as an inpatient rehab speech therapist (interesting time to switch from kids to hospitalized adults). Did you also know that she's the best Thirty-One consultant around?? Jackie is also the face and voice of Smith Brothers Sweets...if you've met Jackie then you know that you've just made a friend. Her ability to remember the smallest details about people she meets at farmers markets is truly remarkable!

Then there are the parents...

Do you know how many things that Jackie's dad, Jim, has helped build? OR how many late nights Jeremy's dad, Craig, has spent managing the sugar shack? OR how many times Jackie's mom, Teri, has helped watch the kids so just a few more hours could be spent getting things around for market? OR how many days Jeremy's mom, Carol, has helped in the maple woods? And that's just a few of ALL THE THINGS they do to help out on a regular basis.

And how many of you have sat and talked with Grandma Judy at the Tiffin Farmers Market???

That brings us to me...

My name is Sara, and it's hard to summarize my roll in all of this, but I'll try...I met Jackie doing summer theater in 1998. We are complete opposites and the BEST of friends. So, it only makes sense that when I met Jeremy, years later as a fellow PT, I decided that they were perfect for each other. The rest of that love story is well known. As Jeremy was developing this business, I found that it fell in line with a lot of things that I love about nature and getting back to the basics. I can't tell you when or why exactly I started helping, but one day I was carrying buckets in the maple woods and the next I was helping catch a massive swarm. You will see me (and sometimes my family) at most farmers markets...I'm the photographer in the woods and bee yard and the extra set of hands with swarms and cutting wood. On any given weekend,you're likely to find my son, Dylan, running around with Cooper and Emerson at markets, at the sugar shack or at the house in Milan, and my husband, Cory, running errands with Jackie or helping entertain the kids. While we are not blood, we are family, and it takes all of us to make this work.

So, next time you see one of our posts that has the word "we", know that it is truly a group effort every step of the way!

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