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Food For Thought

It's not just a catchy title... it's also the name of our new "recipes" page on the website. I say "recipes" because they are more like pairing suggestions. We wanted to share ALL of our ideas with you, but honestly, we don't have time to give you every single recipe. Instead, we are giving you the reins; we'll give you the flavor create the masterpiece(s). In return, all we ask is that you send us pictures with a brief description so that we can share your ideas with others...texts, emails, Facebook, Instagram - you send them, we'll share them!

That being said, our Food For Thought page is a work in process...our most recent AH HAH! Keep checking back because the goal is to include ideas for jam, honey and ALL our maple syrups.

BUT...we do want to give you a little something extra for the holidays. So, here are a few holiday themed ideas...

Meats - think marinades and glazes

-Jams: apple whiskey, cherry bourbon, Christmas, spiced peach...anything with a warm comforting flavor!

-Syrup- bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

Appetizers and Snacks

-Slow cooker meat balls or little smokies: Christmas jam and BBQ sauce, cherry bourbon jam, or bourbon barrel aged syrup

-Bruschetta: tomato basil jam

-Pepper jam and cream cheese: add some crackers you have the perfect dip

-Toasted/Glazed nuts: use our maple syrup OR infused maple syrups


-Thumbprint cookies: blackberry, cherry, Christmas, peach, raspberry, strawberry

-Snickerdoodle thumbprint cookies: apple pie, apple whiskey, cherry bourbon jams

I'm sure many of you can come up with SO many more recipes, but we hope these got your creative juices flowing.

Thank you for your continued support

of our business and the happiest of holidays to all of you!

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