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Ohio Proud

Have you ever noticed this Ohio Proud sticker on our honey and maple syrup?? Have you ever wondered why it's there??

If you know us, you know that we are proud of being from Ohio, but in this case being Ohio Proud is much more.

Being Ohio Proud means that at least 50% of our product is grown, raised or processed in Ohio. This is a program from the Ohio Department of Agriculture that helps support companies that meet that description. They promote Farm Markets and other local events that align with their agricultural initiative. Their website will point you in the direction of their "Partners" (businesses like ours) and "Affiliates" (businesses that sell Ohio Proud products) to help you find Ohio made products.

So, at least 50%...

Obviously, it helps that our bees make honey in Milan and our maple trees are just North of Tiffin.

BUT, when you see us post that we took a "business" trip with our families to Amish Country or that we picked up produce from Polter's/Eshelman's/Riehm's/Clay Hill for our jams... THIS is how we support Ohio.

And this is why we are Ohio Proud

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